Dishcloth Adventure of Knit Stitches #2

#2 of the Nomad 2019 Series.

Copper Chain Facecloth

I chose this name & color to remember the area of the falls on the Black River in the UP of Michigan. This inlet (pictured below) is on the southern border of Lake Superior.

Black River has wonderful calming views on the hiking trail to the beach.

Copper was mined here many years ago. The rocks of the river looks copper not black as the name indicates. But definitely black in many areas.


Yarn…I Love This Cotton

Colorway…Sienna Red

Needle…US# 6


  • With Yarn In front, Slip the first stitch, purl wise, of every row.
  • For the edging; Knit 4 at the start and finish each row.


Cast on 40 sts.

Knit 4 rows.

  1. K 2 *p1, k2*.
  2. P2 *k1, p2*.
  3. K2 *p1, k2*.
  4. P2 *knit into the stitch 3 rows below the next knit stitch on the left needle, drop all sts above the knit stich you just made from the left needle, p2*.

Repeat rows 1-4 for the pattern 12 times.

Knit 4 rows.

Bind off and add a loop for hanging.

This cloth was inspired by a favorite blogster of mine I Knit With Cat Fur.

A view of the back shows it looks good from the back too!


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