Happy Go Lucky Striped Blanket Throw

I have revised this old pattern and renamed it to reflect how I feel about it.

I normally don’t put the Instructions to any of my patterns into this WordPress blog. But today I’m going to try, because some of you don’t have a PDF app on your phone. Altho it is free to use the basic Adobe app on your phone.

Happy Go Lucky Striped Blanket Throw #112015

This is a Freeform Stripy Blanket Throw.Linda's Throw

PATTERN…as such…

Scroll to the bottom for a free PDF.

********** SEGMENT 1 **********

  1. Please read and know that these patterns are not calculated to end the row evenly.

2. Add or delete stitches as needed to correct the row stitch count.

3. I use original links to the patterns I have used in this blanket. I have inserted them for your convenience and to give the designer the credit for the wonderful inspiration they have given me.


RohrKnits How-To: Twisted fringe Twisted fringe each side of rows. (I left 12″. But 6-8″ looks good too)

Hook size: G or H. But choose any you are comfortable with.

Row 1. 200 Foundation SC (my blanket drew up quite a bit. 200 chains would be appropriate for a twin bed or large couch throw.) I prefer mine to be a bit larger. So I have done 248 FSC. Foundation Single Crochet link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG-LiTY_khs

********SEGMENT 2 ********** Row 2-3. Linen Stitch. http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/…/crochet-linen-stitch/

**********SEGMENT 3 ********** Row 4-7.

When you are on row 7 you will sc between the leaf stitches (extreme drop stitches). Sc thru the ch 1 stitches, not around it. This will give you the “Happy Face” effect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dka8Ulwh5GM&feature=youtu.be

********** SEGMENT 4 ********** Row 8. Linen Stitch. http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/…/crochet-linen-stitch

********** SEGMENT 5 ********** Row 9.Ch3, 2 dc in same st. Sl st in the top of ch3 (this will make a cluster.) *Ch1, sk st, dc in nx st., ch1, sk st, Make another cluster in the nx st.* Repeat * to * 7 x. Dc in the nx 10 st. Now you will start over at * and continue to repeat the set of 7 clusters and the 10 dc to the end of the row.

Row 10. Ch2, sc in the top cluster st, sc in nx st. *Dc a drop stitch in row 7 (Instructions of how to do this)…yo, insert hook in row 7, yo, pull up lp, yo, pull lp thru 2 st, yo, draw thru all lps. Now do a fpdc in the dc in row 9 and another dc drop st in row 7. Sc in nx 3 st (you will be single crocheting over the top of the cluster st you made in row 9)* 7x. Sc in the next 10 st. Repeat this pattern to the end of the row.

Row 11-13. Granny Stitch *3 dc in stitch, sk nx 2 st, Gs in nx stitch*

Row 14. Hdc across to end of row.

**********SEGMENT 6********** Row 15-18. Chevron Stitch Pattern by Not Your Average Crochet. http://notyouraveragecrochet.com/as-we-go-stripey-blanket/

********** SEGMENT 7 ********** Row 19-22, Linen Stitch

Row 23. Granny Stitch with 4 dc.

Row 24. Linen Stitch

Row 25. Sc in ea st.

Row 26-29. Extreme Drop Stitch Pattern

Row 30.Sc in ea st with the exception of Puff Stitch (Yo, draw up 4x’s, yo, draw thru all loops in the top of the leaf Stitch from previous row).

Row 31. Sc.in ea st.

Row 32. Linen St.

Row 33. *2 sc in ea ch 1 sp. With the exception of 1 Spike dc in top of cluster in row 30.

Row 34. Dc in ea st.

********** SEGMENT 8 ********** Row 35. *Dc in nx 2 st, Fpdc in nx st* Repeat to end of row.

Row 36. *Bpdc in fpdc, fpdc in the dc st* Repeat to end of row.

Row 37. Hdc in ea st.

Row 38.-39. Linen St.

Row 40-43. Dots Pattern by Maggie Weldon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GazM0qg3ejU…

********** SEGMENT 9 ********** Row 44-47. Groovy-ghan by Winkieflash. My only change to this pattern was to drop stitch on both sides of the blanket. http://winkieflash.nl/patterns/groovy-ghan-en/

********** SEGMENT 10 ********** Row 48. Crab Stitch. (My revision of Crab Stitch is: *Sc 1, ch 1, sk st, Sc in nx st*) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE-ObvYb_Pk

********** SEGMENT 11 ********** Row 49. *Dc in crab st, ch 1, sk nx st*

Row 50. 2 dc (this is a 2 dc cluster) in ea loop to end of row.

Row 51. *Sc in center of dc cluster, ch 1* repeat to end of row.

Row 52. 2 Dc in ea loop to end of row.

Row 53-55. Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern by Yolanda Solis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbSnHf0v6_Y&feature=youtu.be

********** SEGMENT 12 ********** Row 56. Sc in the top st stitches of the shell below. Ch1, 1dc 3x in center sc between the shells below (double V stitch cluster). Ch1. Repeat to end of row.

Row 57. Sc in ea sc. (In the double V stitch cluster you will sc in the dc, ch3, fpdc in the middle dc, ch3, sc in the dc) repeat to the end of the row.

********** SEGMENT 13 ********** Row 58. This is where I added the Granny Squares. This picture shows you one that is 3″ sq. The one I used on the blanket is double stranded and 6″ sq. You can use any square you choose, just make sure that they all fit. I used a granny square join. ttps://lspmjsblog.wordpress.com/…/thrifty-granny…/…

**********SEGMENT 14********** Row 59-64. Leaping Stripes pattern by Moogly http://www.mooglyblog.com/leapingstripes-blocks-blanket-cr…/

********** SEGMENT 15 ********** Row 65. Ch 3, *dc1, ch1*. Repeat to end of row with dc in last st.

Row 66.Limpet Stitch by MrsMicawber. This is part 1 and be sure to watch part 2 as well. Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzRM80kzdvg

********** SEGMENT 16 ********** Row 67. Dc 1, ch 1 to end of row.

Row 68. Sc to end of row.

Row 69. Crab Stitch (My version…*Sc 1, ch 1, sk st, sc in nx st*).

Row 70. Dc 1, ch 1 to end of row.

Row 71. Linen St.

Row 72-75. Lazy Waves by Look At What I Made. http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/…/lazy-waves-blanket…/

********** SEGMENT 17 ********** Row 76-78. Linen St.

Row 79-83. I used the Slanted Shell Stitch, but the Shell Stitch Baby Blanket is beautiful too. You can use either one. Link to Slanted Shell Stitch: http://thestitchinmommy.com/…/shell-stitch-baby-blanket…

********** SEGMENT 18 ********** Row 84. Sc in the ch 3 of the Slanted Shell (or in the center of the Baby blanket Shell Stitch), ch3, repeat to the end of the row.

Row 85. Sc to the end of the row. Row 86-87. Jasmine Puff Stitch. http://www.ravelry.com/…/jasmine-stitch-no-3–6-petals…

********** SEGMENT 19 ********** Row 88. Puff V Stitch in center of Jasmine Stitch, ch 1. repeat to end. http://cre8tioncrochet.com/2014/01/chloe-cowl/

********** SEGMENT 20 ********** Row 89. *Hdc in center of Puff V Stitch, ch 1, hdc in ch1*

Row 90-91. Cross Stitch by Mikey of Crochet Crowd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjEhxbTLMPA

**********SEGMENT 21********** Row 92. Sc to end of row.

Row 93-98. Linen Stitch

Row 99. *Sc 8, Fpdc 1 in 2 rows below* Repeat to end of row.

Row 100. V-stitch (*Dc 1, ch1, dc 1 in every 3rd stitch*). Repeat to end of row.

**********SEGMENT 22********** Row 101. Bullion Stitch: Bul (wrap hook 8 x’s, draw up loop, yo, draw thru all loops.) I used this video which uses a straw instead of a rug latch.

Row pattern: Ch1, Sc to first V-st. Sc in V-st. *Ch 2. In nx V-st (1 bul, ch1, 1 bul, ch1, 1 bul), ch2, sc in nx V-st* Repeat to the last 4 st. Ch2, sc 4.


**********SEGMENT 23**********

Row 102.Ch3, dc 3. Cluster of 3 dc in nx sc from last row. Ch1. Sc in the back loop by picking up the 2 loops. Ch1, *cluster 3 dc, ch1, sc 1 in back lps, ch1*. Repeat to last 4 stitches, Dc 4.

These are the two loops on the back of the bullion stitches which I reference in Row 102.

Row 103. Ch1, Turn. Sc 3. Sc in-between first and second bullion cluster, sc 1 in the back sc. Sc in-between the second and third bullion cluster, ch 1*. Repeat to the last 4 st. Sc 4.

Row 104. Turn, ch2. In the front loop only Hdc across, ch1, Turn.

Row 105-109. Shell Stitch of Baby Blanket by Stitchin Mommy. http://thestitchinmommy.com/2013/12/shell-stitch-baby-blanket-free-pattern.html

**********SEGMENT 24********** Row 110. Turn, ch1. Sc to end of row.

Row 111. Turn, ch1.

(Tut #1: *4 Sc on top of shell made in row 109, ch 1.)

(Tut #2: Dc 1 in sc.)

(Tut #3: Puff stitch (yo, draw up loop 4 times, yo, draw thru all loops) around dc you just made.)

(Tut #4: Ch 1*.) Row 112. Sc to end of row.

Row 113. Dc to end of row.

**********SEGMENT 25*********

Row 114-118. Textured Diamond Throw by Dora Ohrenstein (featured by Annie’s) This is a paid pattern now. But I am adding my version of this pattern. https://www.anniescatalog.com/detail.html… Puff Stitch: Yo and draw up loop (about 1/2″) four times, yo and draw thru all loops.

Row A. Chain 4, skip 3 st, *hdc in nx st, ch 2, sk 3 st, puff st in nx st, ch 1, puff st and ch 1 in every other st four more times, ch 2, sk 3 st* repeat to end of row.

Row B. Ch 2, hdc in loop, *ch 2, sk puff, puff st, ch 1, in ch 1 sp, repeat 3 times, ch 2 hdc in loop, hdc in hdc, hdc in loop* repeat to end of row.

Row C. Ch 2, hdc in nx two hdc, hdc in loop, *ch 2, sk puff st, puff st, ch 1 in ch 1 sp, repeat 2 times, ch 2, hdc in loop, hdc in nx 3 hdc, hdc in loop* repeat to end of row.

Row D. Ch 2, hdc in nx three st, hdc in loop, *ch 2, sk puff st, puff st, ch 1 in ch 1 sp, repeat one time, ch 2, hdc in loop, hdc in nx 5 hdc, hdc in loop* repeat to end of row.

Row E. Ch 2, hdc in nx four hdc, hdc in loop, *ch 2, sk puff st, puff st in ch 1 sp, ch 2 hdc in loop, hdc in nx seven dhc, hdc in loop* repeat to end of row.

**********SEGMENT 26**********

Row 119. Hdc to end of row

Row 120-124. Linen st to end of row

Row 125. Hdc in ea st to end of row Row 126-129. Granny Stitch Ripple. http://thestitchinmommy.com/2014/05/granny-ripple-blanket.html

**********SEGMENT 27********** Row 130. Sc to the end of row

Row 131. Sc to the end of row with the exception of putting a puff stitch in the low part of the ripple in the third row below. Draw up 5 loops and finish with a ch 1, then continue sc to the next low part of the ripple and repeat the puff stitch.

Row 132. Repeat row 131.

**********SEGMENT 28**********


Row 133-134. Shell Stitch http://thestitchinmommy.com/2013/12/shell-stitch-baby-blanket-free-pattern.html

**********SEGMENT 29********** Row 135. Baby Blanket Pattern by Yolanda Soto-Lopez. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbSnHf0v6_Y&feature=youtu.be

**********SEGMENT 30********** Row 136. *Sc between 3dc group, ch 3* repeat to the end of row.

Row 137. *Dc 3 in ea loop, ch 1*.

Row 138-141. Granny Stitch Ripple. http://thestitchinmommy.com/2014/05/granny-ripple-blanket.html

**********SEGMENT 31********** Row 142. Sc to end of row

Row 143. Sc across, but, put a 8 loop Puff Stitch in the low part of the ripple.

Row 144. Repeat row 11

!!!!!!!!! WE ARE DONE….YIPPIE….!!!!!!!!

*RHSS (Red Heart Super Saver)

* Red Heart Home Spun

* Mixed types of yarn rescued from Thrift Stores

*Some were joined to form a multi-color

© LindaPeck’sCrookedCrochet112015/HappyGoLuckyStripedBlanketThrow

FREE PDF LINK: Happy Go Lucky Blanket Throw #112015


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  1. What a good way to use scrap yarn and learn a new stitch.

    1. Yes it is. I had load od fun working on it.

    2. Thank you. It’s been a blast and I think everyone should make a Happy Blanket.

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