Ole’ Man From The Holler Hat

Steve got this nick name (so he says) from living in the woods of The Quachita National Forest here in Arkansas.

He lived down in a Holler next to a running creek.

That nick name has stuck with him thru his lifetime of workin’ & piddlin’.

Pattern of the hat as such….for the Ole’ Man ♡


This is a nice snug fit for size 22″-24″ head.
Band/Cuff is 5.5″ across. Stretches to 24″ plus.
• Size 4 circular needle…cast on & ribbing.
• Size 6 circular needle. Main body.
• Size 6 DPNS when there isn’t enough stitches to use on the circulars.
• K…Knit
• Slst…Slip Stitch
• Psso…Pass the stitch on the right of needle over the stitch on the left of the needle.
• K2tog…Knit 2 together
• Slgm…Slip Green Marker
• Slpm…Slip Purple Marker
■ With size 4 circulars cast on with long tail: 97 sts.
■ Slip 1st stitch & psso. 96 stitches. Place red stitch marker for beginning of round.
》Row 1 – 32: K2, P2. (Mine measures 5.5″.
Switch to size 6 circular.
》Row 33 – 70: Knit
■ Decreases: 6 stitches per row. You’ll use 5 green stitch markers. 6 purple stitch markers.
》Row 1: *K 8 place purple stitch marker. K 8 place green stitch marker*. Repeat around. (96 sts)
》Row 2: *K14, k2tog, slip green marker*. Repeat around. (90 sts)
》Row 3: K6, k2tog, sl purple m. *K13, K2tog, sl p m* Repeat 5×’s. K7. (84 sts)
》Row 4: *K12, k2tog, sl g m*. Repeat around. (78 sts)
》Row 5: K5, K2tog, sl p m. *K11, K2tog slpm*. Repeat 5x’s. K6. (72 sts)
》R6: *K10, K2tog, slgm*. Repeat. (66 sts)
》R7: K4, K2tog, slpm. *K9, K2tog, slpm*. Repeat 5x’s. K5. (60 sts)
》R8: *K8, K2tog, slgm*. Repeat around. (54 sts)
》R9: K3, K2tog, slpm. *K7, K2tog, slpm*. Repeat 5x’s. K4. (48 sts)
》R10: *K6, k2tog, slgm*. Repeat around. (42 sts)
》R11: K2, K2tog, slpm. *K5, K2tog, slpm*. Repeat 5x’s. K3. (36 sts)
》R12: *K4, K2tog, slgm*. Repeat around. (30 sts)
》R13: K1, K2tog, slpm. *K3, K2tog, slpm*. Repeat 5x’s. K2. (24 sts)
》R14: *K2, K2tog*. Repeat around. (18 sts).
■ Cut yarn tail 6-8 inches long. Thread tail thru remaining stitches.
■ Remove the knitting needle.
■ Pull yarn tight and fasten off on the wrong side.


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